We only had two weeks from our trip when we got our visa. So, I was scrambling for hotel/hostel reservations. I emailed so many places and most of them were full. Fortunately, Backpackers Korea had available rooms although we had to transfer from one to another and they were prompt in their replies. They also emailed us that one of their reservations cancelled so we didn’t have to transfer rooms. :D We got our double room for 55,000 won a night.

We were given very clear directions to locate the hostel and it was pretty easy. :)

The hostel is next to a lot of Love Motels. Don’t be alarmed. It’s not sketchy. We would come home really late at night and It was really safe. There’s even a Police Station close by.

On the day we arrived, we were really early. We found the door still locked like this. They give you the combinations on check-in.

Luckily for us, we found the side door open – it’s where the lounge/breakfast area is at. We just stayed there for a while using the free wifi around and emailed the hostel that we were there. We didn’t have to wait for too long. We saw the guy who I think is the owner come in the kitchen and he said we can come in. The wonderful Eric checked us in. Our room wasn’t available yet so we just left our luggage and walked around the area to get lunch.

Here’s our room..

This was the small foyer where we leave our shoes. They don’t like shoes in the bedroom. ;D

Our double bed with the small window and AC. They had floor heating and it wasn’t always on which is a good thing because it can get warm.

Our huge TV and our favorite home shopping show. Haha.

Our desk with the fridge, blow dryer we didn’t use, and yes, a desktop computer with internet connection.

Our very clean bathroom with huge bottles of Pantene shampoo, Dove liquid soap, the Face Shop facial wash and a tube of toothpaste. I kept my own toiletries inside my bag, didn’t have to take them out.

I love the location of this hostel. It’s a hop away from the nearest subway exit which has an escalator – I’m not a fan of stairs. There are also groceries, GS Marts, coffee shops and restaurants close by. It is also close to the airport bus stops. You’d pass by side street vendors from the subway exit on your way to the hostel. I got dinner here one time. The Staff were really nice. They tried to accommodate you the best they can. They even helped us book our Nami Island tickets. I would really recommend this hostel for a nice, affordable and comfortable stay in Seoul.