I have two friends who would always meet up at Banapple and they would ALWAYS rave about it. Last Friday, I finally had the chance to eat at Banapple at Ayala Triangle and it was packed! We had to wait for about 15-20 minutes to get a seat. We went at around 1pm too so it was still lunch time for most people. We already had an early lunch so we just ordered cakes.

I originally wanted to get the Banofee which is their best seller but the display was empty. I figured they’ve already ran out. Then I thought of getting a chocolate cake but they didn’t have any. So, I got the Oreo cheesecake. It was good but not great. I think my expectations were a bit high too.

My cousin got the Dark Chocolate Tiramisu. It was very sweet. Too sweet.

We got the Iced Tea too which doesn’t go very well with cakes. It was nice though in itself. It had a hint of calamansi flavor.

The servings are huge! I saw their meal plates on the other tables. So, my first Banapple experience wasn’t as good as I expected but I think I’m gonna give it another chance.