I learned of Muji through a blog that I follow. It sounds really appealing that they have quality items which aren’t branded at affordable prices. Very Japanese.

I bought my first Muji item in Bejing last year. It was a gray hooded jacket and it was on sale at 50% off and I love it! It’s a classic piece of clothing I wouldn’t throw away during spring cleaning. You know how clothes get altered after a number of dips in the washing machine? My jacket still looks like I bought it yesterday.

Yesterday, I was at Greenbelt and I checked out the newly opened Muji store. These are my loot. ^.^

I’ve been looking for a decent travel journal. I bought one online at punchdrunk panda recently for eight hundred pesos. It’s a Muni Travel Journal. I didn’t really like it. I thought of buying a moleskin journal but they didn’t really have nice ones on display at PowerBooks. I found two really nice ones at Muji.

This white one had dotted pages and a plastic zipped cover which is nifty for papers or receipts or anything you’d like to store – you wouldn’t forget. It’s PHP395.00. The other one had blank pages and a nice maroon bookmark. It will be for my doodles. It’s priced at PHP165.00.

I also bought some rice crackers at PHP125.00 for a bag.

This Muji store is small compared to other stores I’ve been to. So, they had limited selection. They were giving out Muji to Go Philippines mini catalogues at the counter and I got one. It had pictures and information on their travel items. There are a few items I want like the Foldable Cylinder Shape Travel Bag, the Passport case, Hanging Toiletries Case, and the sketch book. Reasons to go back. :D