Last night, I received a snail mail from Utah. It was from my friend Beyonchel. I was so happy. I absolutely love receiving letters. With the advent of email in the past decade, sending and receiving letters has been a rare occurrence. That is one reason why I appreciate it so much.

When I was a kid, I attempted to start a stamp collection but that really didn’t work out. I do remember my fascination with stamps from different countries. I wrote regularly to my parents when they worked abroad. I think writing letters helped me a lot in writing essays with more ease for various exams and it helped the legibility of my hand writing which earned me a secretary position in school. Haha. When I have kids in the future, I would like to encourage them to write actual letters.

My very cool and creative friend made little letters..

This is what they look like up close..

I’m so excited! I have to wait a week though.. if I follow instructions. Hahaha. ^.^