I was just there last April for a family trip but we were on the other side of Olongapo. We weren’t technically on SBMA. We were there for an overnight stay at the beach. We found this nice house they were renting out on the bay itself. This nice alcove was just a few steps outside our door.

This were the units they were renting out for 3500 a night and it includes 2 double beds, a small sitting area with kitchen and bathroom. We rented another room in the main house for the girls to sleep in.

We even caught a jelly fish! :)

You can take boats to see the other islands or a banana boat ride which we didn’t really do.

So, that was fun.

This time though, it’s the rainy season. I met up with college friends from Hawaii. I took the bus from Tarlac to Olongapo via SCTEX which took approximately 2 hours and met up with them. We had to wait for another friend from Baguio before doing anything else.

We decided to check out the Tree Top adventure. We wanted to do the zoobic safari too for the kids but the last admission I think is at 4pm and we were out of time so we settled for the rappelling activity which costs 150 per person.

The Faux Security padding which is for visual purposes only. Haha.

The 60 feet Tree

They basically lower you down at a really high speed for the thrill like falling down, a mini bungee jumping kind of experience. I didn’t try it. One of our friends said that It’s surprising – the sensation of falling down. Our guy friends screamed, I guess there was a surprise element to it or the sensation must have surprised them a bit or something.

I really wanted to try the zip line thing but they were in the process of replacing the cables according to the guide so it wasn’t available at the time.

It was too late for the Zoobic safari so we just decided to head to Pampanga and had dinner at Marquee Mall. The next day, we were wondering what to do but there wasn’t really anything to do in Pampanga so we just went to the Mall.