This post belongs to the Bucket List series. I decided to write on each of the things I’ve completed on the Bucket List. For one, you might think I could just be making it all up. The other thing is I would like to document it before the memory fades.

I was 21 when I went to Paris with an aunt. I was on a 2 month spring break from college – the most vacation I could get as stipulated on my scholarship. My base was in Geneva and Paris was just 2 hours away by bullet train so it was the most ideal destination and who would not want to see the city of lights.

I was with my aunt and we stayed at one of their friend’s bedroom. She had a son who was kind enough to take us around Paris because I don’t know how we could have done it ourselves. The Metro was really confusing. So, off we went on a whirlwind day tour of Paris.

Our first stop, the iconic Eiffel Tower.

I didn’t like my face on the pic so I pixelated it. Digital cameras where not as widely available at that time so I had to rely on my film camera. This is the most decent picture I have which I scanned.

It was spring so It was peak season. The tourist line went forever so we didn’t bother going up the tower. We just took some pictures and wandered around the ground. There were a lot of people who sold stuff. I bought a painting and key-chains. I think I still have one of those key-chains. As we were leaving, there was an incident wherein our friend/guide just suddenly went away and returned a wallet to this bewildered older American woman. Apparently, there are a lot of pick pockets in that area so he saw this guy who took the woman’s wallet from her backpack and went after him to retrieve it. I was really impressed with this guy. He makes me proud to be a Filipino.

Since, we didn’t loiter around the Eiffel Tower. We had plenty of time to see the other sights. :)

For a painting of such significance, it was tiny. It was covered with bullet proof glasses for obvious reasons and it was the only painting in a gallery inside The Louvre. Maybe the room was really big and crowded too. I don’t know but it was really small. I just expected it to be bigger.

The Arc De Triomphe. There was a small island in the middle of the street where you can take pictures. You can also go to the site itself and climb up top which we were too lazy to do. It is very ornate up close.

Not pictured is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Didn’t want to post a pic of mine with it on the background. It was dark inside. I remember many beautiful stained glasses. There was also this coin thing where you put in a coin and it will transform it into something else that says Notre Dame.

I’m not too crazy about french food either so I didn’t bother to take pictures of the food.

Paris is a romantic city though. I told myself that If I ever return, it would be with the one I love. :D