I’ve decided to take on #2 on My 11 for 2011 list. I started last August 5th and I’m halfway through. I’m so proud of me. I’m drinking more water than before. When I have urges for a sweet drink, I take fruit juices. Well, I’m only addicted to this one drink actually: Del Monte Fit n Ryt’s Watermelon Juice.

I really like the taste. Since the failure of my diet, I’ve decided that I wouldn’t try anything totally different from my routine. I will just try to make healthier choices with food like eating more vegetables. I’ve also started jogging again. Hopefully, i’ll continue doing it regularly and lose some 10 pounds. :D

UPDATE: As of 09/04/11, I’m officially done with this diet! Woohoo! I rewarded myself with a glass of coke. :D