Warning: It was a bad day.

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning with pain on my back so I turned over but the back pain was really killing me, then I could feel my stomach hurting too and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I went to the bathroom and i couldn’t do anything. It was really painful.

I didn’t really eat anything unusual yesterday. Me, my brother and my cousin ate the same thing and they’re perfectly fine. So, I could only attribute it to my body reacting to this diet. It was the first time I had back pain and stomach pain at the same time. It was really painful. I could fill my insides twisting. I googled on what could be the cause (I don’t recommend this) and I found that it might be constipation so I had my cousin buy medication for constipation, pain relievers and salompas for my back ache. I tried to drink milk but I vomited that immediately. Then I had grapes and watermelon juice so I had something in my stomach before taking Dulcolax for constipation which will work after 6-8 hours. After an hour, I vomited that. My nurse friend told me to eat crackers instead so I won’t vomit. It worked. As for the pain, I had Salompas on my back which worked. I got to sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Late afternoon, I was able to eat normally. I was in agony in the morning that I really considered going to the hospital. I’m glad that my situation got better.

I weighed myself at noon and I was at 128.2 lbs. So, that’s the end of my diet.