Today is fruits and veggies day. I can eat anything and as much as I want except for potatoes and bananas.

I weighed myself when I woke up. I was at 128.6 lbs.

For lunch, I had half a cup of rice and kare-kare (vegetables cooked in peanut sauce). It had meat but I didn’t eat it.

Then I had a Melon shake and a salad for snack.

For Dinner, I had half a cup of rice again (I know this is cheating but I really cannot not eat rice), pinakbet (mixture of vegetables) and fried eggplant.

According to the diet, this day eliminates the potato because I would get the carbohydrates from fruits. My system is now prepared to burn extra pounds. I might still have cravings but it will lessen on day 4.

I’ve been observing my tummy in the mirror and I like what I see. :)

Tomorrow is banana and milk day. I dread this.. I look forward to Sunday though.