So I can scratch #10 off of my Bucket List.. :D

I signed up for the 5k Fun Run. They gave us a Milo jersey and a number that you attach on the front. I was excited! I’ve always been curious how it really was. So I set my alarm and went to bed at about 2am. Woke up at 4am to go on the internet for a few minutes, then get ready. We were at the venue at around 5:15am and it looked like this..

So many people! We were the fourth batch to pass through the starting line. We started off walking. We wanted to jog but there were just too many slow students in front of us. There were water stations every 2Km and the water tasted funny. As this is the Philippines, there are entrepreneurial people on the side of the street selling water bottles and buko juice. After about 40 minutes, we were approaching the finish line and this guy was telling us we have to hurry up because they’ll be closing the gates. So we ran. Haha. The clock says 1:13:00 too which is weird. I bet they started it at 5:30 and we had to wait a good 20-30 minutes before we had our start. They were handing out certificates at the finish line. I didn’t expect to get one. I was pleased! I thought they were just giving them to the first 200 or something.

So what do you do after the 5k run? You walk another half a kilometer to McDonald’s to get breakfast. :D

After brekky, took a shower and went to church. ^.^