I had a friend who came home from overseas. She wanted to get together with friends so we decided on spending 2 days and 1 night in Baguio. We went strait to our accommodation. One of our friends had stayed here before with family.

It’s called La Chateau located in Upper Quary, Dahlia Street.

It’s a really nice place. I think all of the units have 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. They are differentiated by color, cute huh? Some are larger than others – that’s where the price differs. We got the red one. I think it was the cheapest they had, we got a discount too. :)

This is our kitchen/dining room and living room. The bathroom is on the far right side. There are 2 bedrooms on both sides.

Our room had 2 bunk beds and 1 pull out bed with lockers and keys.

We were off to Camp John Hay..

Then we went to Mine’s view..

We took a picture with the dog. 50 pesos for 3 shots, it was ridiculous but what the hey! We also bought strawberry magnets. Haha. We ate some street food before walking towards Good Shepherd to buy Halayang Ube and Lengua de Gato.

We went back to our place before getting lunch at 50’s diner – the less crowded branch. It had so many flies inside the resto by the window! I’m glad I wasn’t seated by it.  They had huge servings though and what I had was pretty good. Prices are good.

Then I met up with a college friend while everyone went back after grocery shopping for our breakfast. We were looking for a decent karaoke place. My friend wasn’t familiar with any so we went around Session road looking for one. We went to a Korean karaoke place. They charged 500 for an hour and food is not consumable. They actually didn’t have much food on their menu. My friends thought it was expensive so we skipped on the karaoke idea. So, my friend and I just decided to go to Pizza Volante for dinner.

It was cozy and we were seated by the window where you can see everyone passing by. It was cool.

I had the pesto pasta with grilled chicken. It was surprisingly good. Maybe because I had lower expectations?

And the calamansi juice with brown sugar on the side. :)

Then we went to Hill Station for desert. :D

It was an upscale place with impeccable service. Our desert bill was more expensive than our dinner. Haha. I had a Dark chocolate cake and mango shake while my friend had an apple pie and tea. It was okay.

We went to Gilligan’s to meet up with my group who had dinner there. Half of them went home while we stayed to listen to the band playing. We were requesting too many songs which they gamely played. Kudos to them. The band’s name is Yin Yang Theory and I think they’re popular in Baguio. They were pretty good.

On our 2nd day, we had breakfast at our place.

Went to the cathedral..

Had some taho..

Took some jumping shots at Burnham park which I won’t post Here.. :D

We went to the market to get some chocolate crinkles among other things.

We went to SM Baguio – walked around for a bit before having lunch. We had it at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I ordered the Pasta Negra. Wrong Move when you have braces on. The black ink is all over my teeth and my lips. Uggghhh! It was a good thing we all bought this Hello Kitty toothbrush I put into good use after the meal.