I’ve been wanting to go to Boracay for the longest time. I was really curious why people love it so much. Last February, I found a seat sale announcement for Seair flying from Clark to Caticlan for 3300 round trip. I dread flying from Manila so this was a really good deal. I called a few friends since we’ve been wanting to go. I only get one response so I booked me and Mrs. Bagel tickets to Boracay. At the time of booking, I didn’t realize that the dates I picked were only 3 weeks after my Siem Reap trip and falls on the end of holy week. My bad. It just means that hotels are more expensive than usual.

Our flight to Boracay only took 45 minutes. Then we were escorted to a van courtesy of Seair to take us to the port. We had to pay an environmental fee and some other fee but the boat ride was free courtesy of Seair. Then we had to take a tricycle to go to our hotel. My first impression while we were on the road was that Boracay is very provincial. I thought that it would be dirty and developed.

After dropping off our bags at Fat Jimmy’s which will be our home for the next 2 nights, we set off to see the beach and get some breakfast.

The shoreline at White Beach was really long.. The sand was powdery and nice but not exceptional. The water was clear and blue or green but there are plenty of seaweeds in the water.

We tried Helmet Diving for PHP500 each. It includes pictures and a video they put in a CD. It was an experience. I thought my ear drums would burst any time but I did survive. :P

We tried the buffet by the beach for PHP300.00. We met a Russian guy who had crazy stories.

We watched fire dancers in action. I think that Filipinos are such amazing performers.

Plenty of fireworks that night.

Did the Hena for PHP100.00

I must admit that Boracay has amazing sunsets.

THE Jonah’s fruit shake

Transferred to Lazy Dog B&B on our 3rd day because they have cheaper rates for the rest of our stay. It’s a very charming place.

Seafood galore at D Talipapa. We got half a kilo of shrimp (PHP200.00) and half a kilo of Blue Marlin (PHP150.00) and had it paluto in one of those stalls around it for PHP80.00 per half kilo of a dish. It was yummy!

You’d love Andok’s at D Mall if you find the food at restaurants ridiculously priced like we did. We can be cheapskates.

Loved Puka Beach! Not crowded at all. There are mostly foreign tourists. We took a tricycle going there from D Mall, it’s quite a long way. We saw plenty of Koreans or Taiwanese riding karts up the hill to Puka Beach. I heard they cost a fortune. :P

They had delivery service right on the beach. You would see people who sold their goods and offered a menu if you wanted food. This particular place charged PHP100 for delivery. The prawns cost around PHP200. We splurged on this meal but it was worth it.

The really small Caticlan airport. We even spotted a local celebrity.

I think Boracay is ok. Maybe I had such high expectations. I didn’t love it like most people do. I’m still not sure why. I mean it had plenty of things to offer. I just didn’t feel like it was a place I would go back to unless it was free. :P I spent 5 days and 4 nights on this island. It is a party place, the beer is cheaper than water and I don’t drink. Is that why? I also saw a lot of families which is a good thing. I enjoyed our stay, I just didn’t love it.