I lost my camera in a Macau Taxi on our family trip in Macau last February. It was my fault to leave it there. It was stupid of me, I know. I wrote how sad I was about it here.

In spite of my frustration, I’m glad that I was proactive about the whole thing. Right after I realized that I lost it, I reported it to the Taxi Company. I couldn’t speak Cantonese so kudos to the girls at the reception desk of the Macau Museum for helping us report it on a rainy, windy morning. When I got back home, I emailed the Macau Tourism Office. They replied and gave me the link to the Police Lost and Found website. The site is initially in Chinese – Google translate helps me in these kinds of situation. You have to input the month and the kind of item to search for it. The first time I checked, it wasn’t there. I checked again a couple days later and it was there! With picture and all..

At this point, I’m ecstatic! I email Macau Tourism Office. They direct me to the lady in charge for Lost and Found who speaks English. They gave me her number so I can find out how to claim my camera.

I talk to the lady, she asks for proof like the serial number of my camera. I don’t know this anymore since I bought this in the US and I have already thrown away my box. It’s a good thing that I did register my camera with Canon so I email Canon to get this information after verifying my information. Since, it won’t be economical for me to claim the camera myself. I asked a friend who works in Macau to claim it on my behalf. I had to mail him the following to present at the Police Station as proof of my ownership of the camera: authorization letter with the camera’s serial number stating why I couldn’t claim it myself and who will claim it on my behalf, pictures of us who are in the camera, copy of my passport, email from Canon stating my name as the owner when I registered it. I didn’t mind the trouble of producing these. I think it’s a good thing since no one can just falsely claim it. The only disadvantage of asking a friend is that you base everything on their availability so It took a while, much longer than I expected but it was all good since I’m not really in a hurry to get it.

My friend just gave me news that he already claimed it today. He’ll mail it in a couple of weeks so I’m hoping that I will see my camera soon. I’m so happy! I already bought a new Canon S95. I considered selling the Canon G9 once I got it but I don’t know if I can still part with it after all that we’ve been through.

I’m really grateful for the goodness of people. I actually didn’t expect that it would be returned. I have actually considered it lost. I’m just really happy that I was pleasantly surprised and that my prayers were answered, not instantly – I had to suffer through it but I appreciate it more. I’m grateful for that person who returned it. I wish that I could send him my thanks in some way. I did ask for that information on my letter to the Police but I don’t know if they will give me the information on the person that returned it. I doubt they will because of privacy. Whoever you are, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made one person extremely happy and believe more in humanity. I’m hoping that God would send him plenty of blessings. :) I’m grateful for Macau Tourism for their help and the Macau Police for having a system that is orderly and accessible to people like me. Thank you Macau for imprinting in me that your people are honest and good because of this experience.

I will definitely return to Macao. :)