This trip was my second time in Bangkok. It was more of a transit place actually. I arrived a couple days earlier than my friends who are coming from Myanmar. We were going to Cambodia the day after they arrived. I planned to do some shopping while waiting for them. I was thinking of what activity to do since I have two full days. I would at least try to squeeze one in. I didn’t want to do any sightseeing. I decided on attending a cooking class. There are a few I found online but I liked the menu at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy. Reservation was a breeze, I got my confirmation the following day. I was instructed to meet our instructor at the Dunkin Donut stand at BTS Asoke and MRT sukhumvit stations, exit 3 at street level at 8:45am.

I left my hotel an hour early. I thought that I should also experience Bangkok’s different modes of transportation. From Pratunam, I took the airport link which comes every 30 minutes as I found out. I wasted about a good 15-20 minutes waiting for the train. I stopped at Makkasan to transfer to the BTS to the MRT at Petchaburi going to Sukhumvit. Not really a good idea since I didn’t realize that it was a long walk from the BTS to the MRT. Oh well.. nothing I can do about that but walk really fast.

The good thing was my instructor was also a little late. We arrived at about the same time at 9am. He went to get coffee, then my classmates came – nice couple from Hong Kong. Our instructor said that it was his first time to have all Asians in one class. :D

We walked for a bit and took a Taxi to the school which is more like a house. The ingredients and all our utensils are already neatly arranged on a mat.

We made three dishes and a dessert. The class was very hands on which was really fun. We had to prepare all of the ingredients first before cooking.

We had to chop the ingredients for the green curry paste finely before proceeding to pound it in the mortar and pestle.

Top half are the ingredients for the Green Curry and the bottom half are the ingredients for the Tom Yum Soup.

Ingredients for the Pad Thai! ^.^

The finished product! :D It was a lovely meal..

The Dessert. It was surprisingly good. It’s made of coconut milk, coconut cream, flour, salt and palm sugar. There’s actually two parts to it. The bottom part is supposed to be sweet and the top part should be salty. So we prepared two different mixtures. The wooden spoon is used to scoop it from its container.

I had a good time. I am proud of myself for not burning anything. I can honestly say now that I can cook authentic Pad Thai. :D The class is about 3 hours long and it costs 1250 Thai Baht. I think it was money well spent.