is not as nice as my first stay.

They put me on the 8th floor. The elevator only goes until the 7th. I really didn’t mind climbing an extra flight of stairs.

I still love the design of the rooms. They are so clean, comfy and cute..

I didn’t get enough sleep on my first night since there was a Cricket Game going on next door. It was really loud. I called front desk, they just apologized about it (not really sincerely) and basically told me they can’t do anything about it. It’s not really their fault that the building next door was really loud but I would have appreciated them putting any kind of effort to make the situation better like finding another room perhaps that doesn’t face the building. I think the game ended at 1am – it sucks because I had to wake up early the next day for a cooking class.

That’s the desk and TV area. In fairness, i think they added some more English channels from our last stay. They even have a Korean channel that has subtitles in some of its programming.

My small but clean bathroom.

My door. The sink on the left and bathroom on the right.

The guy who helps you with your bag. He would hail a Taxi for you but they would settle on a fix price which is not good. When in Bangkok, always insist on the meter. I don’t know if they have a special arrangement or if he gets anything out of it. In the other places I’ve stayed at, they always help you get a metered Taxi. So, be wary of this guy if you’re staying here or just hail a cab yourself. There are plenty.

This may be the last time I’m staying in this hotel. I think it’s worth trying out other places in the same area next time.