The other week, my highschool/college friends both celebrated their bithdays and we were treated to Chinese food at the go-to Chinese restaurant in town which is Huat Chan Tea House. We just got the set dinner thing.

Last Saturday, we ate at Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria before going to a birthday party. We got their 2 Pasta for PHP200 deal exclusive of drinks. I got the Aglo Olio which was okay and my cousin had the carbonara she didn’t like. We also got a basket of garlic bread.

The place was nice, maybe because it’s still new and it hardly has any traffic.

We were early at the birthday party. It doesn’t start until like 2 hours after. It was really fortunate we had meryenda. After 2 hours, the usual party eating ensued. I just want to rant about this lady. We were seated on this table and then we went to get our food. Then she is now sitting there (sneaky) which makes one seat short and one drink short. I was kinda pissed. I told my cousin we can share this one chair. That was the only time, they made an effort to get an extra chair. I had to get me a glass for my drink which I don’t mind. I just don’t like when they take your seat which we were sitting on the whole time. Anyways..

It was a busy week. This last sunday, I was in Manila. We had Wendy’s. I really miss the chili. I went to a fortune teller too. It was positive.

Next week, I’ll be in Bangkok. I look forward to the food. ^.^