We tried this newly opened yogurt store called Tutti Frutti. It’s expensive. P20 per ounce. Most people don’t know that the price is per ounce. We saw this poor guy fill up his small cup and he was so surprised that it cost him P200. It seemed like it was all the money he had.

I really wasn’t familiar with this place. I know Red Mango. I’m not really into cold desserts or ice creams. I’m lactose intolerant, maybe that’s why. Anyways, I googled them and this is their site.

I got the Taro flavored yogurt.

I got the Taro syrup for toppings which was really good. The syrup solidifies. I also got a couple of cookie dough which weren’t soft. My cup came to 4+ ounces, about P85 I think.

It was good. It’s healthy. It didn’t make me wanna go back for more. I’m just really not into ice creams or frozen yogurts.