I was pleasantly surprised with Hotel Kou Va. I was really scared at first that the place would be horrible since there were bad reviews on Tripadvisor.

Location: Good. It’s about two and a half blocks from the nearest bus stop. It’s close to Senado Square though you still have to walk to it. It’s not on your doorstep. It was hard to find at first too but we asked around. It’s on a charming street laden with restaurants specializing in Bird’s nest soup. Same area as Hotel San Va. There’s a Koi Kee bakery directly in front of it. Sofitel Ponte 16 is also close by, about two blocks away. We can see it from our rooms.

Rooms: Really huge coming from Hong Kong. Our room had a room within the room. We had two of these on the 3rd floor right across each other. It was basic, no hairdryer, no fridge, no frills. It had a flat screen TV with plenty of channels but we didn’t really watch. I just had it on Channel V most of the time. Unlimited hot water felt so good!

Our bed

The room within the room

The Bathroom

Service: The receptionists mostly don’t speak English but when I needed to communicate something, she contacted a person by phone whom I talked to and she translated for the receptionist. I had to leave clear instructions since I lost my camera and I put their hotel as contact information just in case it gets returned. They did try to help as much as they could. A smile goes a long way.

Value: Good value for money. We paid for HKD700 for a triple room per night. We had to put down HKD400 for deposit for both rooms which we get back on check out. It was the cheapest hotel I could find. Macau hotels are really expensive and I’m glad that I didn’t spend more since I thought it was really good value.
I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a comfortable place to stay in a nice area. People who knit pick everything should find another place.