Well, and one piece from Macau – a souvenir item from a casino since it’s Chinese New Year. They were giving out calendar cards. I can’t really get anything from Macau except for food that’s why I get most of my stuff in Hong Kong.

I bought a couple of souvenirs but not much. I’ve learned over a few trips not to buy so much. First, it costs a lot (when accumulated) even on small things. Second, most people I’ve given things to don’t really appreciate it so I’ve learned to only give to close friends and for example, the person who was house sitting for us. I would have given the driver something if he didn’t try to overcharge us. Anyways..

This was my favorite, I would have frozen to death if not for this knitted sweater I got at this little store. I got it for HKD70. I found a similar one in avocado green at this cute store and they were selling it for HKD150 but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it since it’s so expensive but I was really tempted. I’m just glad I didn’t get that one and instead got this one.. ^^

This is my second favorite item I got from this trip.. My pink beanie! I couldn’t let it go. The stall owner was selling it to me for HKD80, then she went down to HKD70. I came back for it and asked for HKD50. I got it. It was so nice and warm..

I got this lighter from the Ladies Market for HKD20. We got 4. It’s so cool. It lights up. Although, I burned my palm trying to show my cousin how it works. I put the wrong end on my palm and it was just a couple seconds after I lit it, my skin bubbled. It wasn’t bad, it’s healed now.

I got these necklaces from the Temple Street Night Market for HKD25.

I got these cute keychains at the Ladies Market too for HKD10 each.

I got these make up stuff from Sasa in Macau which I could technically still get in Hong Kong. The lip vitamins are 2 for HKD35 so me and my cousin each bought one. I got fake lashes for HKD30 and the waterproof mascara for HKD15.

and the free calendar cards from City of Dreams casino.