It sucks. I’m really bummed.

We hailed a black taxi with blue paint from A-Ma Temple going to Flora Garden (where you get a cable to go up to Guia Hill) at around 9am yesterday (February 13, 2011). I left my Canon G9 camera with its black case in it. I’m sure of it. I didn’t get the information of the taxi driver but he was older (around 50-60 years old), had glasses and was wearing a baseball cap. He also spoke English which is rare based on my experience with Macau Taxi Drivers. So after that, we took a taxi to go to the Macao Tourism office. Instead the driver dropped us off at the Macau Museum. It was raining and hardly anyone was around. The girls at the desk were really nice to help us report the incident to the Taxi company and we gave our hotel information at Hotel Kou Va. We checked out yesterday noon but left our information at Hotel Kou Va just in case it turns up. They can keep the camera, even the memory card and email us the pictures. We just really want the pictures.

I want to be pleasantly surprised Dear Lord.