Today is a local holiday so the banks, schools and government agencies are closed. The other night, they had a beauty competition for the town title. Yesterday they had a parade. Tonight, I know that there will be an event at the plazuela with dancing and showbiz personalities coming.

I miss the good old days when people would prepare food in their homes and welcome anybody who would come, that’s how I remember it back then. Now, it’s mostly the Barangay Chairman or those in public office who does that for obvious reasons. My cousin and his friends just went from house to house of Barangay Captains to eat, drink and be merry.

So, what did I do instead? Eat – at home. Actually, my mom’s friend got me these – the Kamote-cue and the Banana-cue. I haven’t had one in 10 years?

I ordered some vintage necklaces from this site in Multiply and the shipment just arrived today after I made the payment last Monday. ^^

The unveiling..


Aren’t they adorable?

I met with my friends late afternoon. We just walked around the mall, then we tried this new place – Black Gold Cafe. It was not bad. The service was surprisingly good, an affordable menu, and the place was cozy. Their pasta dishes were not bad. They should improve on their cakes though. The mocha cake we had was bland. My friend tried the vanilla cake and it wasn’t good too. A mamon from Goldilocks is tastier than what they served.

What it looks like from where we were seated..

I ordered the Creamy Tomato Penne

The most bland tasting Mocha cake cake I’ve ever had

The Black Gold Tea – it was so fragrant !