Today, I had eaten so much! To think that I’m sick and I still have this crazy appetite.

After lunch, I wanted something sweet so I got me a slice of Brazo de Mercedes in this really cute heart plate I recently got from a discount store. I had to drink orange juice and my meds.

Picture taken via Iphone 4 with Instagram. I love instagram!

Then we had to go to the Registry of Deeds to check on something. It just happened to be the town fiesta and they had a parade so we watched for a while. They had celebrities like Geoff Eigenmann who looked like he didn’t want to be there and Ivan Dorschner who was all smiles and waving. Afterwards, my mom’s friend and I had merienda at Greenwich. I got the Pasta Supreme d’lite Tuna Tomato which was pretty good. I love tomatoes. The quality of the pasta was nice.

That was the normal picture. This is the more romantic version taken with Instagram.

Then I walked around the mall for a little bit. I almost bought this jumper on sale but I really had to stop myself, I don’t need more clothes I can’t even fit into my closet. I was reciting my mantra “Live more, Need less” in my head but I was also justifying the possible purchase that it’s only P300 – that was the cost of our merienda that I got for free. The mantra won. Haha. I was also thinking what I should buy for dinner but I decided to just cook dinner and I’m glad I did. I cook some mean Caldereta. It was pretty good.. ^^