I wanted to get Supermodel Boho Waves – a la Kate Hudson like the one pictured below.. It is actually on my 11 for 2011 list. It’s number 5.

The stylist tells me those waves can be achieved by a curling iron. I wanted something permanent and I’m really lazy that’s why I wanted a perm! At Tony and Jackey salon (Marquee Mall Branch), we were given a book of pictures with varying curly hairs. With the help of my friends, I decided on the Medium one. It would be safe for me.

I wanted to get the Korean perm itself since it’s only 1500 but the stylist tells me I need the treatment too so I got the package worth 3000. I think my money was well spent with the final result but it took so long! 3.5 grueling hours. They had wifi and it helped.

This is me getting the hair treatment.. I think.

This is their curling machine..

This is the final result..

I really love it! I was anxious that time they took off the rollers. I thought that it would be bad and I would look like an ajumma.

I just styled it today, I really like it. I hope that it would still look nice after a while..

On our way home, we chanced upon riding a bus with wifi on board. It was pretty cool.