We have a family trip in February and my cousins’s passports needs to be renewed.


The closest DFA from Tarlac is the one in Pampanga so I tried to get an appointment there. I searched for information on the internet and I got this address – rcopampanga@yahoo.com, which I emailed to ask on how to set an appointment. This was their response:

DFA Pampanga is presently implementing the appointment system in the receiving of electronic passport applications.  To secure an appointment online, kindly send the following information to rcopampappointments@yahoo.com:


Note: Applicants must use an email account that are registered under their names.

For a complete list of passport requirements, please visit the DFA website at www.dfa.gov.ph

Thank you!

City Central Transport Terminal
Olongapo Gapan Road corner Lazatin Blvd. ,
Barrio San Juan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Tel. (045)455-2475 Fax (045)961-6175

They still allow walk-ins to schedule an appointment from 7am-11am. I did get a reply after I emailed them and we were assigned two different time slots. We showed the manong guard our different appointment time slots and he called an officer in the radio and my cousins were all allowed to renew at the same time since we were already there instead of waiting for a couple more hours. I guess it was the scheduling that went wrong since they should have scheduled them altogether at the same time slot. Maybe it will help if you indicate this in your email that you would prefer the same time slot with the other people in your party.


We took the bus from Tarlac that was stopping at the Dau Terminal. Then walked a bit to where the jeepneys were parked on the right side of the terminal going to DFA. It costs P32.00. The DFA was towards the end of the route so we got there a bit late for our appointment. If you are driving, just get off the San Fernando exit and turn right, keep going about 10-15 minutes and you will see the DFA building on the left.


Once you’re there, you show the guard your printed appointment email. You can get an application there to fill up and he’ll let you in. For renewal, they were required to bring their old green passport, xerox copy of the front, 2nd page and back, and IDs. For more information, click here. They close the gates at 11am for the morning appointments. They were really nice, organized and accommodating. It wasn’t crowded. I was asked to go outside since my cousins were of age and I had no business inside. Hehe. I waited for about 30-45 minutes which wasn’t bad at all. It was an efficient and pleasant experience. We came at around 10:30am and we left at about 11:45am.

Passport Fees are P950.00 for regular processing. It will take 20 working days so my cousins’s passports will be released on January 18. Today is December 14. We took the option to have them delivered by LBC for a fee of P120.00 each.


We took the jeepney to SM and from there, we can take another jeepney to go to the Dau Bus Terminal. Before going home, we walked around the Mall and ate too much. We had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Then the boys went to see a movie while I shopped. :) Then we had merienda at Burger King.

It’s been a while.. I’ve missed you Burger King! What to order?

I got the Whopper Jr. Meal with the free sundae while the boys had the steakhouse burger and the bacon burger. I’m not sure if those were the right names but it was all good! :)

We had it our way.. ^^