I was at SM Pampanga earlier to get stuff my aunt sent through this lady. She got me this Hollister shirt with practically half of your back exposed. It was a sexy shirt, I’m still thinking where I could wear it.

When we’re out of town or somewhere, we always try to eat at places that we don’t have at home. I learned it from my aunt. It’s a family thing. So in this spirit, we had lunch at this Ramen Place. It wasn’t very good but it was not bad. I ordered ramen and my cousin had a bento dish. After walking around, we were gonna get Burger King to take home – we don’t have that here but decided not to because burgers just get soggy after a few hours. Then we pass by this small Krispy Kreme stall. We don’t have that here either. The donuts were calling me.. I couldn’t resist. So we got a box.

These are the goodies inside..

The snowman kinda melted a bit.. :'(

There were two flavors that we really liked. The cream cheese one..

And the Hershey’s cookies n cream

It was expensive for P365 a box but they were really good. I love their dough, it’s light and airy. It’s what sets them apart. Their glaze is nice but it’s not as distinct as their dough in my opinion. When I was living in Utah, I didn’t really appreciate having Krispy Kreme abundantly. I was always looking for Dunkin Donuts which we didn’t have. Now, it’s the other way around. :-)