I didn’t love it but I liked it. The food is the best thing, next is shopping. Bangkok felt like a better Manila to me. I think you get your money’s worth if you spend it wisely.


Transportation is very accessible. It was pretty easy to go around as long as you practice common sense and are aware of the scams, you’ll be fine. I had a tuktuk driver offer as a 30 baht ride but wants us to drop by his “sponsors”. I said No and we just got off and hailed another one telling him – No stops. Taxis are plenty. You should insist on the meter when riding one. The BTS sky train is fast, efficient and not crowded.  The Chao Praya River Tourist Boat was a good way to get to the Temples while enjoying the scenic views and interesting establishments by the river.


Everything we had was good. There are street stalls in every corner. We would always get a fruit shake with our meal. They also sold fresh fruits everywhere. They had shrimps on a stick which had 4-6 pieces for a dollar. The bigger ones had 4 pieces for $2. The vinegar sauce that came with it was amazing. Pad Thai is a must try. Their Food Courts in the Malls served good food. You can always snack on something.


We stayed in the Pratunam area as our main purpose was to shop. There are plenty of accommodation to choose from in Bangkok depending on the area you want to stay at and your budget. Most hotels come with free breakfast. We stayed at Budacco Hotel and I really liked it. The rate for a Deluxe room is 1500 Thai Baht per night.


It was heaven. There are so many deals to be had. People that I saw in the malls were usually well dressed. Everyone was carrying the plastic bags with trolley, I even bought one. Haha.


We only got to see the temples. We went to the Grand Palace but the entrance fee was 300 Baht which is kinda expensive for cheapos like us and we figured we’ll see two other temples for a third of the cost. We were required to wear pants which could be rented. We went to see the Wat Pho or the Reclining Buddha which was really nice. It was huge. It was my favorite. Entrance fee was 50 Baht, same as Wat arun which we went to next across the river. It is also known as the Temple of the Dawn, the climb up top is pretty steep. It’s a very photogenic structure. I’m impressed by the reverence of the Thai people with their religion which is Buddhism. They have shrines almost at every corner and on mornings, they would stop on their tracks on their way mostly to work to say a prayer or give offerings.

We also went to the Jim Thompson House but didn’t go in. We just took pictures outside and walked to MBK to get lunch. We were gonna go up the Baiyoke Sky on our last night but decided against it and we just got a foot massage.


Would I go back? Yes. Although next time, I hope I get to see other parts of Thailand. I would like to explore the beaches..