I’ve been scouring websites for good hotel deals for Bangkok. The purpose of this trip is mainly shopping for Christmas. Sightseeing will be secondary. I wanted an affordable but clean accommodation in the Pratunam area that can accomodate 3 people. I know that Pratunam is not close to the BTS or the MRT but I wanted that too if it was possible. I rely heavily on Tripadvisor reviews as well because it has been a reliable source of information. It hasn’t failed me yet..


The Key Hotel
AREA: Sukhmuvit – Near BTS Asoke and MRT
PRICE: 2500 THB a night includes extra bed and breakfast = PHP 3750
PROS: good location, no frills, budget
CONS: I was really tempted to book this one.. but I really wanted to be in the shopping area.

My Hotel Bangkok
AREA: Pratunam
PRICE: 999 THB for Standard room a night +250 for extra person but no bed, includes breakfast = PHP 1875
PROS: cheap, in pratunam area
CONS: there was a review wherein her bed had bed bugs and she was bitten all over her body and some other not so good ones. Far from BTS.

Bangkok Loft Inn
AREA: Thonburi
PRICE: 1600 THB for a Superior Twin room, only 2 guests allowed, does not include breakfast   = PHP 2400
PROS: really good reviews – impeccable service by the staff
CONS: far from where i want to be and i need accommodation for 3


AREA: Pratunam
PRICE: 1500 THB for a Deluxe room, 800 for extra person and bed, includes breakfast and free tour  = PHP 3450
PROS: good reviews – very nice staff, nice design, new hotel, pratunam area, free tour, good correspondence through email
CONS: quite a walk from the BTS and MRT – good 20 minutes

Tango Bangkok
AREA: Pratunam
PRICE: 1500 THB for a Superior Twin room, 700 for extra bed, includes breakfast   = PHP 3300
PROS: good reviews – secure with double card key system, pratunam area
CONS: i like this one too, far from BTS and MRT

Citin Pratunam
AREA: Pratunam
PRICE: 2299, (+100 on weekends) for a Triple room, includes vegan breakfast, free tour, free sim card and one-way aiport rail ticket = PHP 3666
PROS: good reviews and nice promo, tuktuk service
CONS: didn’t feel right about it, in a crowded small street, vegan breakfast

The TenFace Bangkok
AREA: Pleon Chit
PRICE: 2600 THB for a one bedroom suite, extra bed is 1200 THB = PHP 5400
PROS: good reviews and nice rooms and price for a suite, tuktuk service, an ipod is given to you on check in, botique hotel feel – it has a pool
CONS: location is far from Pratunam and the BTS.
I usually book my hotel reservations through Hotels.com but I emailed them once (the only time I did) the last time I booked and I didn’t like the response I got from the Customer Service agent so I don’t plan on using them anymore. I found a much better service which is Booking.com and I booked through them this time. After I booked, I forgot to include a request I had. So I added the info/request on Manage my Booking and after a few minutes I got a cordial and prompt response indicating the change or “addition” on the hotel I booked.

And the winner is..

The last four hotels were on the top of my list. I emailed Budacco, Citin and Tango to get more information. They were all nice but I liked Budacco the most. I look forward to my stay and write a review on it. :)