On Palm Reading – A Facebook Application. It’s called Palmistry on Facebook. I love these kinds of stuff. I’m into Chinese Horoscope, Tarot Cards, Face Reading. I seek them out. I had my palm read once – by a friend. I forgot what he told me when he read it. I also had another friend who knows how to read tarot cards and she would. She was pretty good but as always, I forget after a while.. I captured these images so I won’t forget. :)

My Heart Line.. It’s kinda true. I like PDAs though but not excessively or the cringe-worthy kind.  I like the “You will have moments of ultimate happiness in your love life” and I look forward to those. I can appear cold and not so passionate. I think my head does rule my heart – most of the time.

My Head Line: Not really too sure about this. I would neither agree or disagree right now.

My Life Line: This is the most spot on. I love Travel! I like being indoors but I find the need to go out after a while. I do lose focus really easy. Haha. I’m hoping that this statement is true: “You are likely to lead a comfortable life with less down and more ups”. I think it’s kinda true. I’ve been really blessed so far plus I can work really hard when I want to.

The Marriage Line: Hahahahaha. My Life Partner and I will stay away from each other after marriage. It’s gonna be that bad huh? Well, at least I’ll get married. :D I wonder what “influence” it’s referring to. I’ve always known that I won’t get married early – never really wanted to.