It’s actually really late but I can’t sleep. I hear the wind gushing – typhoon Megi or as it is locally called – typhoon Juan. My City is under signal #2.

Last week, I met up with friends who were here for a vacation from Arizona. I haven’t seen them for more than a year since I’ve been home. We all went to the same school in college. Mrs. C was my roommate in Utah and we had lots of adventures to say the least and her husband Kiyoshi is a good friend. I was glad to see them again.

I came from the province so we decided to meet at Trinoma since her house was just 5 minutes away. Then we went grocery shopping at SM for last minute snacks for Kiyoshi. Then we had lunch at Mann Hann. It was Mrs. C’s sister’s (Ms. Strings) favorite restaurant – the reason we picked that place. This was my 2nd time and it was their first.

We ordered a few things..

The Yang Chow Fried Rice – can’t really go wrong with this.

The Prawn Tempura – there were only 3 pieces.. :'(

The Oyster Cake – this was the only food I was disappointed in and I ordered it. It was gushy inside. It didn’t taste like it was fully cooked. I wish it was a bit crunchier too.

The Mixed Meat Fried Noodles was surprisingly good. I really liked the sauce and the texture of it being crunchy and soft (when it’s soaked in the sauce) at the same time.

We also got the Fried spare ribs, melon shake, buchi and the mango bar which we didn’t get pictures of.

After Mrs. C dropped off Kiyoshi at the airport since we couldn’t fit in one taxi, we decided to just meet up at Glorietta. While waiting for her, QR wanted coffee so we sat at Dulcenea. I ordered cake but he said that they were well-known for their churros and it’s been a while since I’ve had one so I got these..

The last time I had churros was at Disneyland with Mrs. C some two years ago. I thought their churros were okay – nothing really special. The chocolate dip wasn’t as good or flavorful as I was expecting. To be honest, I’ve had better churros at a spanish stall at Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City, Utah.

QR went off to work. Mrs. C and I were loitering around Greenbelt while waiting for her sister Georgieous, we met up with her amusing hot gay friends. We killed time by checking out boys. Then we had dinner at Recipes. I loved this place!!! The food was amazing. We ordered a few dishes. I really liked the Gising-Gising which was a healthier interpretation of the Bicol Express and the General Chorva’s chicken – fried boneless chicken with eggplant covered in this yummy sauce.

It was such a long day. I got home at about 4am the following day. I was tired but happy and so was my tummy.. :)