Not necessarily budget travel but in comparison to getting a packaged tour that costs 50,000 pesos for EACH person for just 4 days, my expenses were significantly less.

If we had split up the hotel expenses instead of me shouldering the entire thing and minus my shopping – The total would have gone down significantly, almost in half. It would have been around P20,000.

1/3 of my shopping expenses was spent on this lone white Diesel bag which I absolutely adore. It was my most expensive purchase on a trip – by far. I’m a cheapo, I know.

Cebu Pacific was okay. Going to China, the plane had a lot of empty seats. Going back though was a different story. It was full and the flight attendants were grumpy, especially to the Chinese Nationals. I know they’re tired because I assume they were the same crew that were from the incoming flight. But.. I don’t think it’s a good representation of our country with our deteriorating tourism. And if you’re going to act that way, then you shouldn’t be in the service industry. Those people make it possible for you to have a job.

Our ride home was really bumpy. I was praying for 4 hours! I kept asking God to let me live because I haven’t met my husband yet and I still wanted to have children. I’m really glad we made it. If I had more money, I would have spent more on airfare. It was a long flight.