Our last day was a chill day. We didn’t really have any plans. We slept in late, checked out of the hotel. Then left our bags and asked the ladies at reception where was the closes place to get souvenirs. The lady suggested Houhai Bar Street. We walked to it and it was far.. but everything is kinda far in Beijing since everything is so big. We managed though – it was 20 minutes walk.

The first things you’ll see are the rickshaws.. and they will constantly ask you to ride one.

The lake was really calming. The breeze was really good. I can imagine this place being very bright and lively at night.

There were these really charming shops that sold cute mementos like notebooks and pins and other stuff. We got souvenir items like chopsticks, magnets, the usual.

We went back to our hotel but we had so much time left. We didn’t have much money left though so we can’t really go anywhere. There was this restaurant by our hotel that catered to tourists. It had pretty good food. This was my last meal in Beijing. We just lounged around and read magazines and watched Beyonce music videos.

Beef in oyster oil.

We got our luggage and then hailed a taxi to the Beijing Capital Airport.

We were really early. Haha. After 4.5 hours, 4 of which were spent praying that I survive the really bumpy ride. It was home sweet home after another 3 hour bus ride.