We took the #2 bus to go to the Temple of Heaven Complex. We had no idea where the stop would be and the bus was full! I was kinda worrying we might not be able to get out of the bus on our stop. Fortunately, we did and it was the right one. The west gate was just right across.

Combination tickets were 35 Yuan. This means we had access to the 3 main attractions.

The first one we got to see was the The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests which was the best one out of the three in my opinion.

There was this really nice tree right by the snack shop.

View from the circular mound altar..

and the Echo Wall which is just like a smaller version of the Hall of Prayer of Good Harvest.

We got lost as it is a huge park. We had to go all the way back so we can exit on the West gate – the same way we went in because the pearl market was just right across it. After our lunch at KFC, we went shopping.

It had different levels that mostly sold electronics, scarf, pearls and some other things. I got 2 sets of long strands of pearls for 175 Yuan and A MAC make up brush kit for 50 Yuan. My cousin bought a fake ipod for 70 Yuan.

After that, we had time to go back to Xidan through the subway and got some other stuff. I really loved Xidan and the bargaining.