To go to the summer Palace from our hotel, we asked the reception ladies for directions. They gave us instructions. We had to ride the bus and then take the subway which was easy. We stopped at the Yuanmingyuan station. Their subway costs 2 Yuan and it can get you to most of the tourist spots.

The ticket in the Summer Palace costs 30 Yuan.

I really loved the gardens in the summer palace.

We really didn’t have a plan. We just mindlessly walked around, didn’t even have a map or anything.

After a couple of hours of walking, we went back to the subway station and decided to go to Beijng Zoo to see the market and maybe see a panda or two. This is what we saw..

Too crowded and Too many kids! We decided to skip it. Back on the subway. We decided to go to Xidan and shop. All of these are on the same line by the way – Line 4.

We weren’t sure where Xidan – the shopping complex is so we just followed the crowd and our stomach – we were so hungry and we saw this big McDonalds sign. We decided to follow it and we saw all the clothing stalls! It was heaven but we needed energy so we ate – at a Japanese restaurant. Well, there were only 2 choices. It was either that or McDonalds.

The menu had english titles in it. The order form though was all in Chinese. Recognizing chinese characters came in handy.. I had chicken curry and the serving was huge. I didn’t even get to finish it.

And the shopping starts..

I got this sweater for 60 Yuan. I got my brother a sweatshirt for 100 Yuan. It seemed like I bought some more stuff but I can’t remember right now. Haha.

On our way home, we took the subway again but we were at the wrong stop. We asked this kind lady for directions and she told us to go back two more stops. She didn’t speak English but somehow she got the message across. When we exited the subway stop, we weren’t sure which way to go. Everything was just huge so we walked and we saw this Pizza Hut. The guy in it spoke a bit of English and we showed him the map. He told us that it was just two blocks away – our hotel. But when I saw and compared the distance similar to the Forbidden City and Tienanmen combined, we decided to just get a taxi which was the best decision. We got some pizza and it was really good. We got one with four different flavors and it was all good. See the empty pizza box..

End of Day 4.