This is the Day we see the Great Wall. When I was planning this trip, I didn’t know if I should go the do-it-yourself route or do the group tour. I wanted to see the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall since it’s less crowded. It’s a bit far and I wasn’t sure what buses to take since they said it was very confusing and Taxi would be expensive. So I decided to take the tour. I’m glad I did. I think it was well worth it. I booked the Mutianyu Great Wall and Underground Palace Bus Tour through tour-beijing. I thought the price was the most reasonable I could find on the web. They promptly emailed me when I reserved it for two. They informed me about the schedule and the pick-up time at our hotel and that I will be informed the day before the tour. I called them up during the afternoon, the day before the trip and Linda, the tour operator informed me that our guide will be calling at night and to call her back anytime that night if I didn’t get a schedule.

I got a message from the receptionist about the pick up time. Then the tourguide called me again to check if I got the message since she had an incident before with our hotel wherein they didn’t inform the guest about the message she left. She said she didn’t trust our hotel. Haha.

So, we were personally picked up promptly at 7:45am as scheduled. We were the last to be picked up. There were 11 of us in the bus. It was comfortable. We went out of the city and went to a Jade factory. Usually, I hate things like this but I didn’t mind this one since they didn’t force you to buy anything. Then we proceeded to the Underground Tomb.

Our guide Christine gave information during the ride about the Ming tombs and a little bit of history. There’s a lot of drama with the Ming Dynasty especially this emperor’s relationships…

There are a lot of money on the tombs and the emperor’s and empress’s thrones. It’s for good luck and for wishes to be granted. I threw mine on this emperor’s throne, it landed on the arm rest..

fter this, we drove for about an hour to Mutianyu. We stopped by this restaurant for lunch. We were all in this round table. We had about 8 dishes as a group and it was surprisingly good. I’m not a fan of veggies but I liked what they served. Too bad I didn’t take a picture but lunch is included but we had to pay for drinks which was 10 yuan for a soda.

Then we proceeded to see the Great wall. Most of us in the group took the round trip cable/tobogan ride for 65 yuan. Otherwise it’s 40 yuan one way. This Australian mom decided to hike since she was terrified of heights. She didn’t want to take the cable which was your only choice going up. I must admit it was pretty scary but I’d rather do this than hike.

The Great Wall is really amazing!!!

The Great Wall of China is the highlight of any trip to Beijing as it is really majestic. I bought a shirt that says “I’ve climbed the Great Wall of Beijing”. They were selling it for 250 Yuan but we managed to get the price down to 20.

On our way home, we passed by the the Aquatic Stadium and the Bird’s Nest. I wish we stopped for a little while to take pics but we didn’t. I took these from a moving bus.

We stopped at the Silk Factory.  This was unnecessary but I think the tour groups get something when they take people there. It wasn’t bad either. We didn’t buy anything though since most of their goods were expensive.

End of Day 3.