Our second day in China. We started the day by going to the Forbidden City. Our hotel is located 5 minutes away from the North gate. We just walked from our hotel to it. The admission fee is 60 yuan. They rent out audio guides but we didn’t bother. We just walked through it.

We walked south until we reached this huge gate and we were confused with people lining up, we thought it was the admission to Tienanmen Square.  It apparently was the admission to this gate where chairman Mao’s picture is hanged. It was 15 yuan and you have to deposit your bag before they let you climb up it. The deposit costs 2 yuan per bag. I would have skipped it had I known what it was.

Then when you walk out, you’ll see the Tienanmen Square. You have to cross through the underground pass to reach it. We kept walking south to find Qianmen Street. I knew it was there but I couldn’t see the shops. I didn’t know if I should go East or West. You won’t immediately see it because it’s obscured by the Zhengyangmen gate. It’s directly accross it.

It’s touristy but I like it. There are cute little shops alongside big clothing stores like H&M and Zara. They also had this Peking Duck restaurant and you can see people lining up for it.

This is what we had for lunch at one of the backstreet restaurants. We ordered this pork in spicy soup with fried rice and coke.  Our lunch bill was 50 yuan.

We were so tired from all the walking, we decided to go back to our hotel and take a nap before venturing out again. Taking a taxi in Beijing is an experience in itself. You hail one and someone else gets in.

At night, we went to Wangfujing which was about 20 minutes walk from our hotel. We weren’t sure which direction to take. We didn’t want to take the wrong turn and walk all the way back. We saw another group of tourists who seemed lost. I asked this girl that was about to cross the street and she speaks english! She walked with us and the other tourists who were lost. They were from Peru and we took a picture and went our separate ways.

The Snack Street is bustling with activity. We didn’t try the funky ones like starfish or worms. It’s a hit or miss with most of it. I liked the Takoyaki. The vegetable pancake was okay. I didn’t like the candied fruit nor the rice cake in red sauce. The price of the snacks were mostly 5 yuan except for the rice cake which was 10 yuan.

call these the killer barbecue. I bet it tastes good without the spicy coating. Well, we had the choice not to put the spicy thing on it but every person we saw eating it seemed like they really enjoyed it. We didn’t think it would be that spicy. I had to down a bottle of Coke. I gave up after two bites.

We went inside this mall where there was a MUJI store and I got this nice gray jacket and it was 50% off!

After that, we walked for a bit to find a bus stop. We took the bus and it stopped a couple of blocks from our Hotel. It only costs 1 yuan and it was worth it. That concludes my 2nd day in China. :-)