Got back from China Yesterday.. I had a great time. The people were nice, the food was amazing, everything’s big, the place is relatively safe, lots of cheap stuff, it has a lot of amazing gardens, autumn weather is the bomb, and Beijing has a lot of character.

When you shop in stalls in China, you have to bargain.

Here are the things I bought:

I got these at Qianmen Street in this cute little store. The shop girl knew how to communicate in English and she helped me make this necklace.. It was only 30 RMB which is approximately 200 pesos.

I also got these pair of cute spoon and fork cookie cutters.. They were 20 RMB which is about 135 pesos.

On our Third day, we went to Xidan. It’s a popular local shopping area. There are a lot of younger kids.. It’s very convenient since there’s a subway stop by it.

This reversible sweater, it can be a zip up jacket or a hoodie at the back, cute huh? I got it for 65 RMB or about P420.00

So, we’ve been hooked into watching this drama in Beijing called Down with Love. We would go back to our hotel before 7:30 to catch it. Haha. The female tomboyish lead always wore jean jumpers. I got these really cool jumpers in Xidan. They’re the biggest size they had which is 29 and it still doesn’t fit. I blame my hips and big butt. I need to lose some weight. I really want to wear it, so cute!

I got my brother a sweater for 100. I got a shirt for 28 from this area. It may be a good thing that they were mostly selling winter clothes or I would have gone broke! Hehe.

Then we went to Hong Qiao Pearl Market. I got pearls for me and my mom. I was tempted to buy an IPAD – the fake one but too expensive. I got a make up brush set for 50.

Then on our last day while walking on Houhai Lake, we randomly went into this store and I fell in love with this bag. It was my most expensive purchase on this trip. It was 360 RMB but I think it’s so worth it. It’s Diesel but it’s really different.

I bought souveneir stuff on our last day and that’s basically what I bought in China. Not much..  which is a good thing. Haha.