I attended my former school’s Mid-Autumn Festival organized by the Chinese Youth Organization. It was my friend who asked us to come. She was one of the organizers. Our ticket was priced at P350. They gave us a drink and a bun. I wanted moon cake. They apparently had them as prices. I wish they sold them there at least. :(

So we started playing the game.. You basically, throw the dice in the bowl and you get prices based on how many fours you get.

It took some time before I and my friend won anything while the others are stacking their prizes in their plastic bags. I’m never lucky in these kind of things. I won a raffle once and that was because there were only 40 of us playing, I think. Haha. This was the first thing I won..

a blue comb.. better than nothing. Haha.

These are the things I won.

Let’s just say I’m not going again next year. Hahaha.