I bought an oven on January 8. I had to let the ghost month pass before buying anything. It happens on the 7th month of the lunar calendar also known as the hungry ghost festival or Mid-Summer Ghost Festival when the gates of hell open and the dead walk among the living. The superstition is you should stay away from travel, swimming, staying out late, buying things during this period. If you would observe from history, 9/11 happened during the ghost month of 2001 and most recently, the hostage taking happened during the ghost month of this year. So, I just wanted to be safe than sorry.

I got the La Germania SL-6031 21XTR model. It’s automatic, you don’t have to light the oven with a match. That’s what I like about it. It’s gas and It has one electric plate. It was around P22,000 but I got it on deferred payments lasting 6 months with no interest.  The one in the picture is the 60cm one, I got the more compact one (about 50 i think) instead of this because the only difference is the additional 2 inches in width and it costs 7,000 more.

Now, there won’t be any more excuses in making one of these: