I went to Makati for a meeting/training with one of the owners of the company I’m working with. The trainor came all the way from Utah. It was from 9am-4pm at City Garden Hotel. I had to travel more than 3 hours to get there. I asked for directions from a friend who lived in the area and she wasn’t joking when she said that I’ll be seeing a lot of foreigners and prostitutes. There were a lot of massage parlors in the area. My friend said it’s like the red light district of Makati.

The hotel though isn’t sketchy at all. It was a good, small decent hotel. Their function rooms were small, like it had about 4 rooms in one floor. The comfort rooms were clean and impeccable. It was a really nice hotel.

Anyways, I was late so I didn’t get to have the morning snack or breakfast. I think they had pasta. I saw some of it on the table when I arrived.

For Lunch.. we had it at the restaurant instead of the function room. We started with a pumpkin soup. It was actually good. The bread stick was too hard for me. I have braces on. So, I just had the soft bread with it.

We also had mango juice for our drinks. I thought it was too sweet. I had to stir the ice and let it melt before I had it.

Then we had our main course which was grilled chicken with some vegetable garnish. It was alright. It could have been better. The chicken has still small bones in it.

Lastly dessert.. I don’t know if I was just too full but I didn’t even finish half. Maybe, it’s just because I’m not too fond of these kinds of dessert. We had fruit salad. I thought it was too sweet.

The ambiance of the restaurant was good. The service was good. They attended to our needs. However, I didn’t like that the restaurant staff huddled at the corner table talking. I thought it was very unprofessional. They could hire a better chef too.