I dropped by Forever 21 at SM Megamall before going home. I got a shirt and a few accessories – a couple of them are for my Mom’s. I think they had so many clothes.. it was kinda hard to choose. I would describe it like scatter brain. They had nice lady assistants though. The clothes were priced affordable I would say. They weren’t cheap. Shirts are at a P600 to P1200 price range.

I wanted a sweater. I don’t know why I like sweaters so much! I’m in a tropical country for crying out loud. Maybe it’s the rain.. Anyways, I didn’t get one since I thought it was impractical and I would rarely use it. I got this weird looking shirt but I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it a lot. It’s a very basic gray color. It’s one of those – it doesn’t look good when you see it but when it’s on a person, it’s nice.

I got mostly accessories. I got this one for me.. Isn’t it adorable?!?

I got a couple for my Mom too..

I liked some of the headbands they had but the price was around P600. I thought it was ridiculous.

They didn’t have a lot of things on Sale or bargains which is what I was looking for. I even asked the girl at the counter and she said they don’t have items on sale since they just barely opened last month which is understandable. I love the Forever 21 Sale so maybe I’ll come back when they have them. ^^