I saw these two movies in the last week. I wanted to see Inception but I was late so I saw The Last Airbender instead. I read the reviews on both movies. I thought The Last Airbender movie was gonna be crap but I actually liked it. I thought it wasn’t too bad. I came in with such low expectations in contrast to the Inception movie wherein I had higher expectations. I still think It’s a good movie. I just didn’t think it was as great as others thought it was. I like the concept of it but it had slow parts. I just realized that preconception plays a huge part in the movie experience. Expectations can make or break it..

This Korean Drama just ended. It had its flaws but I still loved it. I love Park Shi Yeon’s portrayal of Eun Young. She was really charming. Kang Ji Hwan was amazing as Jin Soo. I was routing for them the whole time and I’m glad I got my happy ending. I never liked Seung Yeon and I’m glad they didn’t go that route.  I can still see the smirk on Jin Soo’s face.. ^^