The tricycle drivers where I live overcharge most of the time so I usually haggle and tell them the price before I even ride in one. Earlier, I was so tired and I just wanted to go home and this dude was asking me for P40.00 for a distance they usually charge me P30.00 for. I mean they charge as much as a metered taxi. Although there are exceptions like the island of Bohol. I noticed that the tricycle drivers in rural areas are nicer in comparison to the urban city of Cebu where taxi drivers RIP YOU OFF!!! They will swindle you out of your money when they can. We had an experience where a driver hid his meter, then when a local asked him for a metered ride, it magically appeared. This happens a lot in this country. I think it’s because public transportation here is not highly monitored by the government unlike other progressive countries. This relates to tourism as beautifully written by one of my favorite blogger Chuvaness on this post. I wonder what I can do to help in this cause. I don’t tolerate them for one. I really hope that this can be improved. I mean I understand that we are a poor country but I hope that we can still be honest in the way we live despite poverty.