Well, I got me and my cousin booked for a September flight to Beijing. It was their promo fare of P1,999.00. All in all with taxes and fees, we booked our round trip tickets for around P5k. A bargain huh?

I’ve been scouring the web for a good hotel that is in the center of the action, that’s where I would like to be in Beijing. ^^

The thing is.. it requires a visa. I have most of what’s required. I got the NBI clearance yesterday and I just met with my accountant today, my ITR is supposed to be done a month ago! I gave her all the papers 2 months ago and still Nada! Arggghhhh!!! Patience is a virtue.. Patience is a virtue.. Patience is a virtue.. Anyways, hopefully I get that by next week. That’s what she said. The bank certificates, they are easier to get. It only takes a day or a week at the most, I think.

I really just want to see this..

and this..

and maybe walk the streets of Waifujing in tights, a nice jacket, and some attitude like Versace’s pre-fall 2010 collection shown below:

I really love that jacket on the left.. ^^

and I want to eat!

I really hope me and my cousin can go. It’s becoming sort of a tradition for us, traveling together that time of year. Last year, we went to Hong Kong. This will be one of my dream destinations.. seriously. So, I sincerely pray that the heavens will let me see Beijing. ^^