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Met my friend at the bus station so we could go off together to Manila. When we were dropped off outside the bus terminal, we took one of the taxis that was parked. Mistake #1. He didn’t have a meter and he charged us P350 traveling a short distance to the airport. It was really a rip off. I hope karma gets them good.

We were at the airport at 7am and our flight was at 9:45. Our flight was not even up the board yet so we couldn’t check in. We had breakfast at Jollibee. Mistake #2. Since it had no competition, its price was inflated from the regular one. They didn’t have a lot of choices too. The water and soda was P50 each.

Finally arrived at Cebu! On our first day, we went to see friends and we called it a night at Westpoint Inn. It was the cheapest place we could find on the internet. It was pretty basic so don’t expect too much if you’re staying there. It’s pretty close to the center of town and the pier. The Robinson’s Cybergate is a block away from our hotel and they had a foodcourt where we had a couple of meals including our first night’s dinner. Mine was P50! It included rice, lechon paksiw, lumpia and soup.

Second day, we wanted to take the ferry at 6am so we were at Pier 1 at 5:30am. Mistake #3. Wouldn’t you know it? It was already sold out! Tip: Get your tickets like the day before or days in advance. So, off we go to Pier 4 to try to get on the 8:30 one at SuperCat and I was on line. When it was my turn, they ran out of tickets and I was given chance passengers 1 & 2 but the ticket guy said it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get in. My friend went to Weesam’s and they were also sold out but she got chance passenger numbers 8 & 9.

We had about an hour to kill before we could go back to see if we could get in any of those. We asked around and the nearest that was open was Jollibee. Mistake #3. We took the taxi and we noticed halfway that he did not have the meter on and he was asking us for P100 for a P40 ride. My friend argued it was a short ride and she was nice enough to give him P70. I know, after the Manila incident, we should have known but we were thinking that the Cebuano taxi drivers are not manggagantsos but apparently they are according to other traveler accounts. So, be wary.

After breakfast, we went back to the pier. We didn’t get in the SuperCat but we got into Weesam. The one way ticket costs P500, same with the other ferries but they have this promo. It’s only P100 if you purchase your return ticket through Weesam. I really Weesam. Not only are they accommodating to chance passengers, they have this amazing deck that none of the other ferries have so we can take amazing pictures like this and enjoy the breeze..

Awaiting us was our tourguide/driver whom I was already texting informing him that we couldn’t take the earlier ferry. This dude was really nice. We skipped some destinations. We didn’t have much time since we arrived in Tagbilaran at 11am. We started off at the Baclayon church. It was ok, you can skip this too if you’re pressed for time. Then we went to see the Tarsiers. They were really tiny.

We went for lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. It costs P300 and P100 for administration fee. It takes a while so have patience. When we boarded the barge, almost everyone was done with their food. There were many choices but we took the Long River one. Their ticket color was orange. Stay away from that particular operator, their food was mediocre and we had to hurry lunch so we can catch up with everyone else. I liked the experience itself, it was so green and serene. I could imagine how pretty it must also be at night.

Next up.. was the man-made forest. It was really nice driving through it. It felt like you were up in the mountains for a second.

The infamous Chocolate Hills..

We also saw the Hanging Bridge, Blood Compact site and bought some pasalubongs like the peanut kisses. Tip: Get them at the grocery store in DQ Mall at Tagbilaran if you have time, they’re a lot cheaper there.

Our Manong dropped us off at our hotel in Panglao, the Dumaluan Beach Resort. We paid P1300 for an air-conditioned double room. It was really nice for the price. It didn’t have a TV, a phone or a water heater but who needs that when you’re outside most of the time? The beach was really pretty at night..

still pretty way early in the morning too.. ^^

We went back to Cebu as chance passengers again. We really love Weesam. I wouldn’t be able to get this shot if I took another ferry.

The following day, we went to the Taoist temple. You can skip this too. People that work there aren’t very friendly. We bought pasalubongs at the market and bracelets at Mactan. We wanted to lay on the beach for a couple of hours but the public beaches are dingy and the resort ones are expensive so we just went to the airport early. We got in the earlier flight. Yay! My lucky friend was even seated business class since someone was already on her seat. An hour and a half later, we’re in Manila. The end. :)