I’ve been craving pancakes since yesterday. I was reading this article. I love pancakes! They’re my breakfast of choice after fried rice.

So, I’ve been thinking which place in town has them. McDonald’s and Jollibee only serve pancakes in the morning and I usually am not up early or I have other things that I have to attend to during that time. Then I remember the Coffee and Pancake House Australia along the highway. So, I went late afternoon. I bought an order of Buttermilk pancakes for P75 or $1.75 to take home.

It came in four small pieces that fit into a clear single slice cake take-out container. They already put the butter or margarine on it. I should have asked them to put it in a separate container. It also came with syrup on the side in a small plastic bag.

I shouldn’t have expected much. It was okay and the butter or  margarine or whatever it was tasted funny. It was all over the bottom pancake since it already melted and was absorbed in it. I really want to like this place but I just get disappointed every time. I should steer clear for now. ^^