No, I haven’t seen the movie.. yet. I don’t know if I’ll go and see it. A good friend of mine fell asleep while watching it in the theaters.

I love this picture of me and this guy in an Iron Man costume at the mall. I love how he was just an inch taller than me. If I weren’t wearing flats, I’d probably be the same height, if not taller. If he wasn’t wearing this costume, I’d probably be taller. I love my height in this country! I’m 5’4″. It’s just right. I hated being described short when I was in the US. I’d be thinking Hey, I was always at the back of the line when I was in school. I was considered tall in my country. Haha.

I hate having braces though. I still don’t know how to smile with them on. It’s so inconvenient too. I can’t eat some of the food that I like and I have to pick the softer food over the tastier one. The inconvenience and price of beauty.. :D