We had dinner at Braham’s to celebrate a friend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. We frequent this place. It’s slightly expensive but we love meat. We love how they do meat.

Unfortunately our favorite Blackened Short Ribs is missing. :(

We ordered.. Sausages in a Salad? I’m not sure that’s what they call it..

The Beef Sisig. You can’t go wrong with Sisig in this part of the country.. ^^

The Canadian Beef ( which was kinda hard and chewy – didn’t enjoy it )

The Liempo.. it was good with the vinegar sawsawan.

The Iced Tea was really refreshing. Get the bottomless one like we did because you’d want more of it. I’ve been trying to recreate the taste at home but I haven’t gotten my hand on fresh lemons to see if that’s what they combine it with or the powdered kind.. Oh well.

Price range is P180-P300. Meals come with rice, a side dish (i think this depends on what you order), and dessert which varies. Side dishes are usually small portions of buttered corn or baby potatoes. Dessert was cheese ice cream when we were there. I’ve also had iced lychee or some sort of sherbet.