Starting a Food Business can be really exhausting. So we’ve been eating out a lot. We’re too tired to cook and it’s also for research. Hehe.

This was my first time at Nay’s House. We were there for lunch. The place was surprisingly packed. It’s price range is towards the higher end – in our city. Meals are from P150-P250.

They served nuts for appetizers. We ordered the Korean Beef Stew, Sautéed Mushroom and the Papaitan.

I liked the mushrooms. It was seasoned well. The Korean Beef Stew was okay. It was soft but I thought the flavor was just okay.

This I loved! The Papaitan.. It was savory and clean. I know it’s weird that I’m describing it as clean but I’ve had it grainy and sometimes the bitterness overpowers the whole dish when it’s not done right.

My rice on its pretty plate..

Nay’s House is located next to the Tarlac State University. It literally looks like an old house, you can’t miss it.

It was a good experience. I think I’ll come back to try their Pasta dishes. ^^