I’ve been craving Pizza lately.. among other things. :D I was thinking of getting one from Yellow Cab but I’m trying to save money so scratch that idea.  I wanted a deep dish one but they didn’t have Sbarro where I’m at. I would settle for a cheesy rolled edge but Pizza Hut is too far. I was looking at Greenwich’s menu online and since I haven’t had their pizza in a long long while, I decided to get one from their store plus it’s the most convenient one.

I ordered a baked macaroni (P61.00), a Chili Con Carne baked rice (P55.00) and a Double Mozarella Garlic Pizza (P149.00). I’m such a pig, I know.. Anyways, the total came down to P265.00.

I mean it’s not the best pizza I’ve ever had. I think it’s unfair to compare it to a fresh seafood pizza in Lugano. It is what it is, a pile of cheese on thin crust bread. But I’m happy, It did satisfy my craving. ^_^