I had lunch with my good friend Mrs. Milby. I was supposed to return her Dear John book but I forgot to put it in my bag. We used to eat out more frequently but she’s currently taking culinary classes in Manila so we haven’t seen each other in a while.

We had lunch at Mang Inasal’s. It was only P250 for 2 grilled chicken thighs with unlimited rice, drinks included too. :)

I wanted to try the Halo-Halo but I had to save room for Starbucks.

She ordered an iced coffee while I got the brownie cheesecake which was P105, expensive huh?  It was her treat. ^^

My experience with cheesecakes in the Philippines hasn’t been good. It’s not usually done right so I had minimal expectations for this one. I actually finished it. It wasn’t amazing. It was good. It had an oreo-like crust, the cheesecake itself had melted kisses and/or bits of chocolate all around. On top was a mixture of brownies, choclate kisses and something that seemed like cornflakes but not quite.